Save the Date

Save the Date


Save the Dates provide the opportunity to announce your wedding and are most often sent when guests are invited to a destination wedding or to one planned for more than 6 months out. Save the Dates can be anything from a simple and unique postcard to using a classy monogram or custom brand to give your guests a first “peek” into the look and feel of your big day.  

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With over 10 years in the wedding industry, we offer extensive knowledge of papers, printing techniques, ribbons and etiquette, offering help with every phase of the wedding paper design & correspondence process.  Our real passion involves working on every piece of wedding collateral from save the date and invitations to koozies and napkins.



We’ve done the wedding design process lots of different ways…long distance, via email, last minute and everything in between…but our favorite thing to do is meet you (in person or on the phone) early on and have you share your vision for your weekend with us! A consultation with you is super helpful for us to see your colors, look at some pictures of things that have caught your eye and help both of us start to nail down the details that will make your wedding special for you. In this crazy world of Pinterest, Etsy, etc. we like to help you focus in on your style and see it come to life on paper.


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